Panasonic KX-TDE

TDE 10/200/600

The Panasonic KX-TDE Communications Platform is a robust, flexible communications system designed to offer incredible versatility for structuring your company’s communications network. Now you can build a cost-effective decentralized business tailored to meet today’s demanding business needs.

The KX-TDE is engineered with features that complement today’s decentralized, mobile business environment including:

  • State-of-the-art wireless capability. Stay in touch with employees that are constantly on the move or away from their desks.
  • Networking capability using advanced IP technology, ISDN, or basic T1 services. Perfect for business with multiple locations.
  • Centralized voice mail support. Service all locations within the extended voice mail network and view the status of extensions in other locations.


Anytime, Anywhere Communications

No longer bound by the desk-centered work environment, businesses are now leveraging the power of “virtual offices” which let employees take the communications resources of the home office on the road—whether they’re at home, the airport or a branch office in another country.

In such a dynamic, decentralized environment, it’s essential that businesses communicate effectively, anytime, anywhere. Panasonic TDE systems help businesses maximize productivity by staying in touch with everyone, wherever they may be, by adding value to business processes and allowing anytime, anywhere access to all communication.

Grows with You

Got big plans for your business but aren’t ready to commit to big equipment? The TDE’s built-in expansion capability protects your investment by giving you the flexibility to start small and then add on in step with your company’s growth—all without the risk of getting saddled with obsolete equipment.

Many Ways to Expand

The TDE is a system that will serve the growing needs of your company for years to come.

  • The TDE allows you to add cards to accommodate additional extensions, COs or features, or you can activate the system’s built-in virtual IP ports by adding licenses.
  • The TDE’s modular design lets you expand quickly and seamlessly with the use of expansion shelves—up to a maximum of 640 CO lines and more than 1,000 extensions for even the largest, enterprise applications.
  • TDE systems can be networked together up to 16 sites to seamlessly link all your business communications