Vertical / Vodavi Wave

Vertical/Vodavi Wave

Vertical’s Wave IP Business Communications Systems deliver simple, powerful business telephony and voice applications that are easy to deploy and use. Wave IP drives increased collaboration and employee productivity, and can substantially reduce operating costs for businesses of any size − from small single-site businesses to large multi-site enterprises. Wave IP integrates desktop and enterprise applications in a streamlined system that is simple to deploy and manage.

“Wave IP is setting the industry standard for Unified Communications with Mobile Extension, Secure Instant Messaging, Integrated Softphone, synchronous Microsoft Exchange Server and Web Integration – all as standard features, which enhance productivity significantly.” Clyde Zimmerman, Principle of FiberCom and Founding member of NextGen

If you are settling for just ‘dial tone’ – you’re missing the point. Wave IP is much more than a phone system; it is a powerful Unified Communications system that offers easy to deploy and use voice applications that drive increased employee productivity and better customer service. Wave IP’s unique Application Ready architecture with simple-to-deploy and manage software means Unified Communications can make sense for businesses of any size. Wave IP offers comprehensive Unified Communications tools for every user, as part of the base user license, as a single server solution.